Poker Night August 2014

Poker Night August 2014

This is a time of holiday and vacation, so between sand and beach, we are glad to announce a non-business event. We would like to invite you to a Developer Poker Tournament. The attendance is for all of you, no PHP test at the entrance :-) !

Registration is needed to attend the tournament.

The location: Casino Poker Club Vegas where you will be accompaniment by professional croupiers and Freeze-Out standard rules.

TypeTexas Hold'em No Limit: Freezout
Attendees50 - 100
Buy-in / Fee200 CZK / 100 CZK
Re-buy200 CZK
Start stack20 000 chips
Time of level20 minutes
1st breakafter the 6th level
Scored positions1st, 2nd and 3rd

Everyone has a chance to use once re-buy when he loose chips, but this opportunity is available only until the 1st break.

For all attendees there are available free coffee, free water and free draught limonade. There is also available a standard paid bar.

By the law of Czech Republic, all attendees of Casino need to fill personal information. At the entrance, you will be kindly asked to fill details, such as birth place, citizenship, number of ID card, etc. These information will be archived only by the Casino Staff.

Unfortunately there was low interest in poker night, we had to cancel the event :-(

Minimum attendees: 50
Maximum attendees: 100
Current attendees: 5


Casino Poker Club Vegas

Cornovova 1, Brno, Czech republic

How To Travel To Brno

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Take advantage of unique event, meet new people and enjoy yoursef!