Meetup May 2015

Maximum attendees: 60
Currently attendees: 39


Jakub Zapletal
Jakub Zapletal

PHP developer focused on software architecture, design patterns, SOLID principles, clean code, TDD & BDD and open-source enthusiast. @ZapletalJakub

Michal Špaček
Michal Špaček

Czech Republic - I've build web applications for small and big, local and international companies for last 15 years or so. I'm into web application security, I regularly speak about secure development at various local events. For the last three years I was also speaking in Las Vegas at Passwords conference. My mission is to show web developers how to build secure and fast web applications and why.

Sponsors was founded in 2000 and is one of the pioneers of e-commerce in France and Europe and a major player in the sale of mass-market consumer electronic goods over the Internet. counts 30 million unique visitors per month and over 10 million customers.

E-merchant, a subsidiary of Pixmania, provides e-commerce solutions for huge international clients. Our projects are focused on webdesign, web analytics, monitoring, benchmarking, logistics, payments processing, fraud prevention, business planning etc. We really enjoy wide range of workload and possibility to get involved in more projects.


Thursday, 21st May 18:00


Thanks to our sponsor every attendee will have free food.


Stará Tkalcovna

Bratislavská 52, Brno

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