Meetup March 2017

Meetup March 2017

Let's meet one first PHP Brno Meetup in 2017.



Dixons Carphone CoE, s.r.o.
Dixons Carphone CoE, s.r.o.

In Brno we maintain and develop a high-traffic e-commerce platform that powers one of the biggest e-shops in UK: Currys and PC World. These websites will handle in expectation more than 5 000 000 visits per day in this year´s peak period.

Our platform consists of approximately 25 applications for order management, data exports, webservice providers, user management, content management, etc. All applications are connected in a complex service oriented architecture using both REST and SOAP web-services.


Wednesday, 29th March 18:00


Thanks to our sponsor every attendees had free food and beers.


Dixons Carphone CoE, s.r.o.

Trnitá 491/5, Brno, Czech Republic

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